Sushi Restaurants in La Costa Brava

Over the last few years, sushi and other Japanese food have become more and more popular. Let’s be honest, eating sushi is COOL! Thousands of foodies fill the sushi restaurants -more than twenty- located in the Costa brava. They take their chopsticks to stuff themselves with this Japanese delicatessen covered with wasabi, soy sauce and ginger.

The basis of the sushi receipt is really simple: boiled rice seasoned with sugar, salt and rice vinegar. ‘Sushi’ usually refers to makis and nigiris, although many times the term also includes the sashimi, a dish of raw fish without rice. Nevertheless, there are hundreds of ingredients to combine, so hundreds of receipts can be found in every restaurant.

On the Costa brava you can find a wide range of Japanese restaurants, but there are huge differences in quality, price and environment. Having these features in mind, each one decides what do they really want. There are some restaurants with an excellent interior design and an extraordinary location where you can even taste the ‘feng shui’, but these cool places are usually more expensive too. On the other hand, there are other urban cheap restaurants where diners can eat all the sushi they want. In our case, we have moments for all kind of restaurants!


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