Corremosques 2015, a friki show in Girona

Once again this year the “corremosques” will put the freak bizzarre point to the “Fires de Sant Narcís”. For the first time, as part of the official program of Girona’s Fair, the “Sanfermines” of Girona will return to the old town’s streets with flyswatters, a brass band and “chupinazo” included.
This year, the persons responsible for making the proclamation will be Yurena (formerly Tamara Seisdeos) accompanied by the well-known writer and radio presenter Jair Dominguez. They will take the replacement from previous celebrities like Carmen de Mairena, Josmar and Leticia Sabater.

These guests will do the opening speech from a balcony on the Plaça del Correu Vell with carrer Bonaventura Carreras Peralta. The event will take place on October 30th at 9:30pm, although people are expected from 8:30pm to start creating a sparky atmosphere. This year’s attendance is expected to be at least the same as last’s year, when close to a thousand people were signed up to this pelicular parade night.
During the parade around the streets is when the real “cercamosques” starts, the Girona’s analogy to the Sanfermines corrida. Six mutant flies will assail the attendees, all of them with the uniform and the official kerchief. The participants will have to move around the old town to avoid being caught by the insects. At the same time, a brass band will help by sweeping forward the few participants that could be left behind with the power of their vibrant sounds.

corremosques 2016 yurena jair dominguez
corremosques 2016 yurena jair dominguez

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