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Game of Thrones in Girona

Game of Thrones could come to Girona.

This morning in the program “del Món a RAC1” of Jordi Basté, said that the producer of Game of Thrones would be thinking shoot the next season in Catalonia and take advantage of the scene offered by the province of Girona.

This information would fit perfectly with the spirit of HBO, which already warned that they were happy to filmed in Spain for the fifth season and that they not neglected to do so in the future again. Last autumn a production unit was installed in Sevilla and Osuna to record the scenes set in Dorne, one of the areas of the seven kingdoms more warm and with Arab touches. They rolled, for example, on the bridge of Córdoba and in gardens Reales Alcazares of Seville to recreate the cruel universe of writer G.R.R. Martin.
Those who know the city of Girona, you know its cinematic potential. The film adaptation of the perfume, for example, took advantage of the narrow streets of the old town, which perfectly serve to recreate the historic and cutting edge-medieval aesthetics of this television blockbuster. Does it mean that Arya Stark could stroll through the Call Jueu in the Old quarter? Or will be more interested in making paraded to Daenerys by the Romanesque bridge of Besalú?
What not can speculate is for characters and passages from novels would seek locations. The author of the song of ice and fire saga still has not finished the sixth installment entitled winter winds, so it is unknown if New Territories West will be explored or if will be some Stark standing. Whatever it is, if HBO finally moved the shoot to Catalonia, there is something clear: not all the characters in the game of Thrones series will come out with life of Girona.

Text adapted from la Vanguardia newspaper

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