Sushi Restaurants in La Costa Brava

Over the last few years, sushi and other Japanese food have become more and more popular. Let’s be honest, eating sushi is COOL! Thousands of foodies fill the sushi restaurants -more than twenty- located in the Costa brava. They take their chopsticks to stuff themselves with this Japanese delicatessen covered with wasabi, soy sauce and ginger.

The basis of the sushi receipt is really simple: boiled rice seasoned with sugar, salt and rice vinegar. ‘Sushi’ usually refers to makis and nigiris, although many times the term also includes the sashimi, a dish of raw fish without rice. Nevertheless, there are hundreds of ingredients to combine, so hundreds of receipts can be found in every restaurant.

On the Costa brava you can find a wide range of Japanese restaurants, but there are huge differences in quality, price and environment. Having these features in mind, each one decides what do they really want. There are some restaurants with an excellent interior design and an extraordinary location where you can even taste the ‘feng shui’, but these cool places are usually more expensive too. On the other hand, there are other urban cheap restaurants where diners can eat all the sushi they want. In our case, we have moments for all kind of restaurants!

Here you can read the list of sushi restaurants located on the Costa brava that the team of CostabravaCool has made for you. This is an organic post and we are updating it regularly by adding the new restaurants that open in our area and deleting the ones that, sadly, close. Unfortunately, we have not been able to try all the restaurants we talk about, or at least we have not done it recently, but we are looking forward to hearing your comments!

Probably, most of the owners of these restaurants are not Japanese, but it is not a problem. As well as Japanese people sometimes dance flamenco, people from other countries also can be ninjas preparing excellent sushi!


Sushi in Girona:


Plaça Josep Pla I Casadevall, Girona

Excellent Asian restaurant, that’s their definition. They don’t close doors to other eastern cookings, from India to Malaysia, and also Korea, China and Japan.

Umai is a mix between traditional and contemporary Asian cuisine, a place where cooks explore new techniques of molecular gastronomy. This is haute cuisine, original dishes that come out of standard. You can take a look at their website to get some mouth-watering.

The space is comfortable, there is a bar where you can see the cooks working. The atmosphere is luxurious and elegant, every detail shows good taste.

Even the price is high you don’t feel cheated, it really worth it. If you decide to visit Umai restaurant, you should get into your head that it will be hard to find a table, especially if you pretend to go there during the weekend.


Sushi bar

Plaça Independència 12, Girona

Parc bosc, Figueres

Espai Gironés, Salt

Sometimes we’ve gone to the restaurant placed on the first floor at the Espai Gironés (Salt) and other times we’ve bought to take away.

This restaurant could become a restaurant chain as their locals are located in popular places with large influx of people. both food and service are correct and the local has a good style, it hasn’t a “cheap” essence.


Tokio Teppanyaki

Ronda Ferran Puig 26, Girona

A Show Cooking restaurant. The food is good, but in my opinion is a bit expensive. (lately I find asiatic restaurants more expensive than ever) the truth is that the product and the presentation are better than in other restaurants of the same type but cheaper. The service is very curt, the decoration of the restaurant is correct and clean but we understand that it is another tematic restaurant. However, as we say at first, the food is worth it.


Restaurant Tokyo

Avinguda del Doctor Lluís Pericot 24, Girona

All of our respect to this restaurant, the first restaurant of Japanese cooking in Girona. It is around twenty years old. In our nostalgic memories Tokyo is a kind of traditional and perfectionist restaurant. We really want to go back there.



Carrer Migdia 23, Girona

It’s a sushi restaurant chain. We shouldn’t put forward opinions because we haven’t gone yet. We hope we can write any further information soon.


Sushi La Riba

Plaça Independència 12, Girona

A good sushi restaurant, we recommend it. Daring with the combinations of ingredients and not really traditional. For us this is not a problem, but we must bear in mind that this is a modern sushi restaurant. About makis, there are a bit smaller than other restaurants.

Two of the strengths of this restaurant are the location and space: a correct and modern interior design with the very valued views over the Onyar river.



Avinguda Ramon Folch 11, Girona

Restaurant & lounge club. Japanese cuisine fusioned with creative cuisine. They’ve a wide and varied menu. It has a striking interior design, in fact we could consider the space as fusion between a pub and a restaurant. At the moment we haven’t gone there. The first outside impression doesn’t convinced us but after seeing the menu on internet, we want to go there to eat. by the way, we should say that it is not cheap.


Restaurat Japones Oishi

Carrer Santa Eugènia 11, Girona

Do you want to know the meaning eat to blowout? Then you must go to this restaurant! You have to pay 14.95€ and you can ask whatever you want on the menu as many times as you want. They prepare the dishes for you at the moment. Someone might think that the quality may be low, but keeping the differences with the most highly regarded restaurants, it’s not bad!



Carrer Santa Clara 47, Girona

It is part of a Japanese food restaurants chain from barcelona. Udon offers a concept of functional food and they are specialized in japanese noodles (Udon, Ramen and Soba).

The place is well located in the Santa Clara Street. Minimalist interior design and with little natural light. It is an option to consider if you take the lunch menu during the week. The basic menu daily comes out to about 10€.



If you stay in Girona, our friends from PORTAMU offers you a home delivery service for

Sushi bar, Sushimore & Wasabi.


Sushi in Roses:

Sushi wok

Gran Via Pau Casals 247, Roses

We cannot comment because we haven’t been there yet.


Sushi in Empuriabrava:

La Farigola

Edifici Manhattan, Carer Delta Muga 6, Empuriabrava

Who would have thought it? One day we were going to look for the restaurant to continue with the post, because we had read that they prepare sushi but we couldn’t find too much information online. We went to Empuriabrava until we reach the most intrusive building of all Empordà. Once at the door we had doubts, La Farigola seems to be a common restaurant at first sight.

Nonetheless, what happened when we had sit was what you are about to read. The waitress came to us with a large platter full of fresh fish and seafood. She suggested some special dishes and made us feel like we were in a first-class restaurant.

We had lunch and we were impressed by the quality of the products. After that, we had the opportunity to talk with the chef, a great professional who has worked in several restaurants, some even with a Michelin star. Now we understand why the food of this restaurant is so good.

However, as this is not a Japanese restaurant, if you want a sushi menu you have to book by phone. The menu is for at least two people and at most six people, with a price of 25 euros per person aproximately. They really want to offer the best service and fresh products, that’s why you have to make a prior booking.

If you are looking for a sushi restaurant with traditional decorations surely this is not your place. If you want to enjoy a fresh, good food and a professional environment, this is a place to consider. Taking all this in account, the place is not expensive at all.


Siam Shiki

Avinguda Rei Joan Carles I 4, Empuriabrava

Since we haven’t been here yet, we cannot comment. Eventhough, it has a good reputation in the area, but it seems to be a little expensive.


Sushi in Cadaqués


Carrer Miquel Rosset 6, Cadaqués

We can’t comment because we haven’t been there yet.


Haiku Tast

Carrer Pianc 3, Cadaqués

We can’t comment because we haven’t been there yet.



Passeig 4, Cadaqués

We can’t comment because we haven’t been there yet.



Carrer santa margarida s/n, Cadaqués

We can’t comment because we haven’t tried it yet, but they offer sushi to take away.


Sushi in Figueres

Sushi bar

Plaça Independència 12, Girona

Parc bosc, Figueres

Espai Gironés, Salt

We cannot comment because we haven’t been there yet, but we have been in their local of Girona (look above for more information).



Carrer Nou 143, Figueres

We cannot comment because we haven’t been there yet.


Rambla, 9

It is an take away sushi restaurant, although they also have a place where you can eat.
They have a wide variety of sushi made at the moment by cooks in a show kitchen. The food is good and the presentation is correct. talked with the Manager and we found it very friendly and with a lot of enthusiasm. The place is nice, as much to store as to the area where you can eat. The price is the usual for this kind of sushi restaurants to take away.
Another option in a city that is slowly updating..

Sushi in Corçà:

Sushi & Restaurant la bobila

Carretera De Girona – Palamós, 1, Corçà

We went to bobila looking for two things; Interior design and sushi.

The first impression we had of this restaurant was that they take care of even the smallest details.

If you look the place you can see that this is an old brickyard remodeled (continuous oven for baking tiles, tiles and some other things). In Costabrava.Cool we love refurbished old  spaces! This space is a mix of a vintage furniture and objects shop (super huge!) and a restaurant. The decoration of the dining room is too thematic for our taste.

About the cousine, the variety of sushi that they have is good. They offer their own specialties too (for example the bòbila sushi has raw fish and banana). They also have other Japanese dishes such as tempura, miso soup, etc … Many of these are modified with Mediterranean touches. You can find here Catalan cuisine too, with dishes such as pig’s trotters or stewed hake.

Some days ago I read a post saying that one of the things that differentiates a good sushi restaurant from a not-so-good sushi restaurant is the amount of fish and the freshness of it. We can say that the bòbila brings together this two conditions of good restaurant.

Another thing you can perceive is the professionalism of the service. Moreover, they have a very beautiful and artistic menu, where you can find very clearly which dishes are suitable for gluten intolerants.

In conclusion, If the Manager and cooks have slept well, In bòbila restaurant you can find a generous and good sushi in a space where they have make an effort to take care for all the details. (quite expensive also)


Sushi in Platja d’Aro:


Carrer Josep bas 21, Castell-Platja d’Aro,

We can’t comment because we haven’t been there yet


Restaurante Japones Tokio

Travessia Cavall bernat 83, Platja d’Aro

We can’t comment because we haven’t been there yet


Restaurante Chino Japonés Fu Lin

Carrer Juli Garreta 10, Platja d’Aro

We can’t comment because we haven’t been there yet, but it is a Chinese restaurant.


Made in Japan

Passeig Maritim 90, Platja d’Aro

We can’t comment because we haven’t been there yet



Galeries Sant Lluís 22, Platja d’Aro

We can’t comment because we haven’t been there yet. They have a restaurant, service of delivery and also they offer their sushi to take away. It is a mix of a restaurant and a fish market.


Sushi in L’Escala:

El Xiringuito

Passeig Lluis Albert 3, L’Escala

We can’t comment because we haven’t been there yet.


Sushi in L’Estartit:


Santa Ana, 25 L’Estartit

We can’t comment because we haven’t been there yet.


Sushi in Lloret de Mar:

Tiara Lounge-bar

Passeig Camprodon I Arrieta 32, Lloret de Mar

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