Wine experience

On the Costa Brava is Cool try wine, between the landscape of sea, mountains and vineyards. The wine from the Costa Brava is the denomination of origin (DO) Empordà, that includes gastronomy, nature and leisure.

D.O. Empordà is formed by different municipalities of the counties of the Alt Empordà and Baix Empordà. In a Mediterranean climate: warm and humid, with moist winds from the South and cold of the North, the famous Tramuntana.
In the territory of the Costa Brava you can enjoy a wine Route which consists of 24 wineries; hotels, restaurants and “wineteraphy”
The D.O. Empordà has more than 2000 hectares of vineyards and olive groves, 423 winegrowers, 45 wineries of the regulatory board, which produces about 3.5 million bottles annually.
There are grape varieties such as Garnacha, Macabeo, Chardonnay, Merlot, Cabernet sauvignon, Tempranillo and Syrah.
You can enjoy a very wide range of Empordà wines, where blacks are of a high quality, full bodied, tasty, well organized and harmonics, and often flavored with careful ageing. With fullness, and very pleasant on the palate. Whites can be native varieties, fresh and tasty; or varietals of remarkable quality. Rosés are the color of cherries, of great personality, delicate aromas, fresh and moderate their alcohol. It’s very habitual among the people of the Costa Brava to enjoy its social gatherings with wine, whether in family meals or in restaurants or simply on a terrace of a bar enjoying the climate and landscape. From we encourage you to discover the world of the quality wines of the Empordà/Costa Brava




D.O Empordà Wineries


  • Còsmic Vinyaters


  • Celler Martín Faixó


  • Bodegas Clos d’Agon
  • Castell de Calonge
  • Celler Mas Eugeni


  • Masia Serra
  • Vinyes dels Aspres



  • Aldea de Buscarós
  • Castillo de Capmany
  • Celler Arché Pagès
  • Celler Marià Pagès
  • Cellers Santamaria
  • Oliveda, S.A.
  • Oliver Conti, S.L.
  • Pere Guardiola
  • Vinyes d’Olivardots



  • Bodegas Mas Vida


  • Celler Hugas de Batlle

Cruïlles, Monells i Sant Sadurní de l’Heura

  • Sota els Àngels


  • Celler Cooperatiu d’Espolla
  • Setzevins Celler


  • Celler Mas Anglada
  • Celler Mas Patiràs



  • Bodegues Trobat
  • Cooperativa Agrícola de Garriguella
  • Mas Llunes
  • Masetplana

La Selva de Mar

  • Mas Estela


  • Castell de Biart

Mollet de Peralada

  • lavinyeta
  • Roig Parals
  • Vinícola del Nordest



  • Celler Bell-Lloc

Palau Saverdera

  • Celler Mas Romeu


  • Empordàlia


  • Castell Peralada

Rabós d’Empordà

  • Cellers d’en Guilla

Sant Climent Sescebes

  • Celler Martí Fabra
  • Terra Remota



  • Mas Oller


  • Can Sais


  • Espelt Viticultors
  • Gelamà


  • AV Bodeguers